Evoko develops, markets and sells innovative products that help modern meeting spaces become more efficient. Evoko’s mission is to make meetings magnificent through its room booking and audio-conferencing systems. Evoko ensures to bring unparalleled experience to people who use Evoko products.
Smart Media Solutions (SMS) has been known for groundbreaking product accessories for audio, video, and other media devices. SMS manufactures and markets high-quality stands, mounts, and casings for displays and projectors.
Draper is a leading manufacturer of audiovisual equipment like projector screens and projector lifts and mounts. Draper merges the technology wanted and the functionality expected with the desired design by listening to consumer needs and exceeding expectations.
Avocor is a global interactive displays company who are leading the way in creating solutions that enable people to communicate and collaborate more effectively together. Increased productivity through collaboration, this is just one among the countless advantages that Avocor provides to its users.

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Digital signage and display solutions help reinforce experiences in store and thus improve profitability. We offer great opportunities to customize products to make them stand out or blend in depending on the context, or alignment with your brand. We provide solutions that can be used in a broader advertising context e.g. by being durable enough for outdoor use. In environments such as airports or train stations, we have products for both advertising and information screens, such as discrete video walls or screens on pillars for communication in multiple directions.
Screen solutions have always played an important role within education. But regardless of the application, what all our products have in common is that they are ergonomically designed and easy to use. Through a variety of possible adjustments, vertically and horizontally, many solutions can be used in different contexts, and in combination with different approaches.
Screen solutions and digital signage for trade shows and events must meet several different requirements. First, they must contribute to a visual experience from all sides that reinforces the message or sender. On the other hand, stands for screens, projectors, and integrated accessories must be very easy to carry, unpack, assemble and disassemble. We have products designed to be both visually appealing and practical without compromises. We offer stands for video walls that can be easily put together and dismantled.
Stand solutions for offices, conferences and meeting rooms can have many purposes and must often accomplish several things at once. All brackets and casings for monitors, projectors and other media devices contribute to the decor and feel of the room, for example, by hiding cables and technology. The products should be ergonomic and part of a good working environment by being easy to adjust horizontally and vertically, or by being easy to move. Screens, projectors, or interactive whiteboards should contribute to effective meetings – not be an obstacle to them. Too many meetings are disrupted by technical difficulties or other problems. That’s why all our products for conference rooms have one thing in common – they are easy to use and can be adjusted on the spot.
How, where and in what way information is placed is often as important as the content. For an information board to be able to do its job, it must be visible and clear in its environment, which is easier said than done. We have products which could be a flexible system for digital signage in indoor environments such as, shopping malls and stores, or the encapsulation of screens in sensitive outdoor environments. Digital guidance, such as map features on interactive displays, is a growing requirement.
What do the screens convey in the reception area, elevators, conference rooms, guest rooms and spa of a hotel? Do the restaurant’s digital information boards or menus contribute to the guests’ overall experience? We offer a wide variety of solutions in digital signage for the hospitality industry, from simple video conference systems to customized and integrated solutions in all areas of a hotel or restaurant.
Some people have higher demands on their entertainment equipment than others. With our products, screens, projectors, canvases and accessories are mounted in a neat, smart and reliable way. How audio and video are installed in the home varies from simple to incredibly advanced. We offer products that are used professionally but can also be used at home.


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