The Importance of Audio Visual

The Importance of Audio Visual (AV) in a Successful Event by Kath Creel, Marketing Director, Impact AV Australia

We say to our customers, “Never underestimate the importance of using good quality, high impact audio visual equipment”. It is the crucial difference between a forgetful corporate event and an exciting experience that leaves a lasting message.

Audio visual communication is a productive form of communication. Using sound and lighting equipment improves communication by heightening the awareness of your audience’s sight and hearing.

Audiences who use more of their senses to engage at events remember those events for a longer period of time. Their retention of the event material 3 days after an event is 6 times greater when the information is presented using creative AV. Not all people are auditory learners who can obtain information from lectures and speeches. Many people are visual learners who respond better to still or moving images. It is the combination of sight and sound that promotes and reinforces this retention, and enables an audience to better connect to the brand or message. AV makes it easier for your audience to psychologically access and remember information once they have left the event.

AV can also save your business time! If a subject matter contains too much information, the ability to widely present projected visual aids such as pie charts, graphs, diagrams, photographs, video shorts and animation can often help explain a subject matter quickly, and again be more easily absorbed by the audience.

Audio visual equipment allows the presenter to engage the audience, provide additional information, reinforce key points, emphasise whatever is being said, clarify points, and create excitement.

Presenters that use AV build audiences that are better equipped to put event information to use in real life business situations. And presenters who use AV are more persuasive than those who don’t.

We all know competition in the business world is as strong as ever. It is important to stand apart from your competition in the minds of people who matter ie stakeholders, customers, investors and the press. Using quality AV equipment is an effective way of achieving this.

At Impact AV Australia, we improve the communication of our customer’s brand and message through the use of sound and light.