About Us

Dumo is your market leader in providing scalable and innovative technology solutions. We are your one-stop audio-video and digital technology hub. We provide full business communication solutions to companies of all sizes up and down the country. We provide hassle-free, instant, secure and reliable technology solutions. Our aim is to improve communication among individuals in any given environment.

Dumo offers targeted, measurable and affordable solutions from simple to complex demands to satisfy the changing needs of the market:

  • Room Booking System to make meetings smoother and more productive
  • Public Space Technology to activate engagement and fun to the public while getting your message across
  • Audio Conferencing to modernize the way you meet
  • Digital Signage and Media Players to publish real time information
  • Image Display Technology to display beautifully detailed images in whatever condition and location
  • Interactive Screens to increase productivity through collaboration
  • Racks and Mounts to hold interactive displays and projectors with style and reliability